Learning to Play the Washers Game

If you’re looking for a new game to play with friends and family, you might want to consider the washers game. This is played very much like the cornhole game or bean bag toss, but there is no governing body for it, so the equipment sizes and types often vary from place to place and company to company. As long as you’re enjoying the game, though, there isn’t any reason to worry about the exactness of it. In this game pitching washers are used, and they are metal washers that are tossed or pitched toward the box or board that is used to score points. These are usually powder coated and they come in different colors. That’s a great way to distinguish one team of players from another, too, so that there isn’t any confusion สล็อต about which person scored points or what team is in the lead.

For people who like to play the cornhole game it’s quite likely that the washers game will be equally fun. With the exception that you’re pitching washers instead of tossing bean bags the games are essentially identical. You do need to be careful with the washers, though, as they are much harder than corn toss bags and can much more easily harm someone. For that reason the washers game is best played by adults and children who are a little bit older, instead of letting very young and very small children play like many people do with the cornhole game. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Other than being a little more careful so that people don’t get hurt, anyone can really play the washers game. The pitching washers are not that heavy, and they last a very long time. The only thing that you want to be careful of when it comes to taking care of the equipment for the game is the fact that the pitching washers can be damaged by things like asphalt and concrete. The powder coating or paint that they have on them can be scraped off and damaged by coming into contact with hard or rough surfaces in a repeated manner. It’s better to play the game on grass, on sand, or on another type of surface where the washers won’t get too scraped up, since you don’t want to have to keep replacing the washers for your game.

You want to take good care of the game board or box and the pitching washers so that they’re ready to play with any time that you and your family want to have an enjoyable afternoon with the washers game. Because it’s so similar to the corn toss game, figuring out the rules shouldn’t be a problem and you’ll be playing the washers game and enjoying it in no time. There’s a very little learning curve, other than getting a feel for the washers instead of the bean bags that are used with the cornhole game. If you’ve not played the bean bag game you won’t have to adjust to that difference and can get right to using the pitching washers.